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I saw the musical Spring Awakening at the Fringe, and I liked it but found it depressing. Parts were compelling and parts sort of dragged. I also really liked some of the music. Since then I've been listening to the Broadway-version soundtrack and the music's really grown on me, and I've been hearing a lot about the show from my actor friend Jake who is very fond of it. So I guess I've changed my mind about not wanting to see it again.

Grant McEwan is going to be performing Spring Awakening at the end of October and first weekend of November. I'm going to go see it on the first Saturday in November, and it's general admission so if any of you locals wanted to join me, that would be fun.

Also, I'm going to see Next To Normal the weekend after that - that's the musical about the effects of mental illness on a family, which patgreene recommended last year.

cut for discussion of suicide in fiction and in the abstractCollapse )

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Darmok and Jalad at Tumblanagra

There could be a web community where you couldn't write any original text. You could just communicate by posting a picture. It might be a picture of a celebrity or a cat or something else, but it can't be a picture you took yourself. And if the picture has some text written on it that's okay, but you can't write the text yourself.

And people would respond to it by posting other pictures as a sort of commentary.

I think it would be a hit.

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A hundred layers of memories

pegkerr just mentioned 100 Things: A blogging challenge. </lj>

This catches my imagination. So I will attempt to write 100 journal entries about things I remember. They won't be in order, but I'll try to cover all the eras and prevailing themes of my life so far. After this they'll probably all be friendslocked and some of them might be filtered. And they won't appear at regular intervals.

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We currently have an appointed upper house. (Some people think that it would make sense to either abolish it or have elected senators.) The senators do useful work looking at bills in committee and having hearings and stuff, but they generally don't vote down legislation passed in the House of Commons and I think they aren't allowed to introduce bills.

The prime minister (the head of the leading party in the House of Commons) recommends senate appointments and the governor-general (the Queen's non-partisan delegate) signs them.

In the past, some prime ministers have recommended members of other parties for senate seats. But things are so adversarial these days, and votes in the House of Commons are so close, that I think there's no way either a Conservative or Liberal prime minister would risk a Senate appointment on an independent or opposition politician.

Which is a real pity. Because Peter Milliken, the longtime Liberal MP from Kingston and the Islands who is just retiring after many years as the Speaker of the House of Commons, would make a wonderful Senator. He's both funny and fussy, and he cares passionately about doing things right.

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Impressions of north

I made this one a public entry on Dreamwidth because it was too much trouble to re-type everything into a poll format here.

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Writer's Block: Torn between two lovers

Have you ever fallen in love with two people at once? How did it work out?

Very well for years and years, although not for ever. It helped that they both fell in love with me, of course, and that they were already in love with each other.

Aug. 23rd, 2010

It seems that I can post from my little green machine (couldn't log in to myTelus wireless router but fortuntely i m still running the old one.
I'm trying to use mine while my laptop is having problems. I managed to get on the Internet with my new wireless. I can browse webpages. But every site that requires login is telling me that the security certificate is too new!!

My ideas are, maybe this means I need to update the OS, or maybe chck a date setting. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do either.

Another gadget

I am posting this from user's ipad! In toronto.
Why isn't marijuana legal when tobacco is?

Possibly it has something to do with a history of racism and classism in Canada and the USA?

Weird infuriating laptop problem

When I'm typing on this laptop (it is an Asus about six months old), unexpected things happen. Like suddenly a chunk of text will get highlighted and deleted, or the cursor will jump to earlier in the text.

It feels like this might be happening when I am typing on keys on the far right of the keyboard, and that it happens less often when I am concentrating on typing slowly. So I wonder if I am inadvertently hitting some power/command key or combination of keys, or whether I have something activated to make the regular keys do different things. But I can't even think what to look for.

I don't know if it is getting worse, or if it is just bothering me more than before.


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May. 31st, 2010

Where is the thing on LJ for changing my friends' page back to displaying more than 10 entries at a time?

May. 28th, 2010

Can you sell gold teeth?

Does anyone have any idea if you can sell old fillings? We found some.

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Writer's Block: Old enough!?!

What do you think the lower age limit should be for LiveJournal and other social networks, and why?

I don't think there should be one fixed limit for all social networks and multi-player games.  I think that parents should help young children who are interested enjoy age-appropriate spaces on line,  and I think that social-networking forums should make available different types of accounts with different privileges, say one kind suitable for people under 12, and another kind suitable for 12-14 or so.  It could still be Facebook, but with enhanced privacy defaults in both directions, no ads, and a block on using payments in games.  Or it could still be Livejournal, just without profile information and with blocks on not-safe-for-kids content.    

Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

Dissent. How to and why to and historical examples and hands-on practice. (Although I think Heinlein already mentioned this one.)

Consensus and community-building. Along with the above, it would of course require much of the current tradition of school governance to be overturned. But I'm okay with that.

I also think that everyone should have the chance to study the following, but that very little should be mandatory.
  • One or more skilled trades.
  • How to cook.
  • Latin.
  • Languages spoken in the region.
  • Mathematics that isn't arithmetic.

Apr. 8th, 2010

This and other links provided by james_nicoll tell enough of what former MP Rahim Jaffer has been up to recently that one imagines that the full story would look like some Canadian version of The Wire and The Sopranos.

i think it is the weekend!!

As soon as I abandon this help session, where they have really run out of questions but are being conscientious/anxious second year students, I have *no student contact* for 4.5 days.


Grocery shopping here I come!

Writer's Block: News development

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

And thanks to lindylousmith for pointing this one out.

First happy major news: Apollo space missions. Apollo 1 happened too early for me to be aware, but I remember Dad getting us out of bed and negotiating with mum to have meals in front of the tv, so we could watch spacewalks, lunar module docking, and moonwalks. Although I knew that women and Canadians could not be astronautse, I picked up my father's love of technology, future, and adventure, and that has shaped my worldview ever since.

First scary major news: The October Crisis in 1970, when the Front de libération du Québec kidnapped two officials and killed one of them. I remember some solemn talking-head speech on television, but I don't know if it was the FLQ manifesto or some response. But my clearer memory is of coming home from church with my mother, to Dad in his gold plaid Viyella dressing gown in front of the television saying that they had killed Pierre Laporte. I was old enough to have read some mystery-adventure stories with kidnappings in them, but I was completely shocked that kidnappers would kill someone. I could tell how important it was from my Dad's devastated face and slumped posture. It affected my worldview by showing me that sometimes things were too scary and sad for Dad, and that my picture of a happily bilingual modern Canada with Montreal the magic place of Expo 67 was incomplete and wrong.

[Looking it up today, I can see that Laporte's death was actually known on the Saturday - but not at our house. My parents didn't watch or listen to news during the day except sometimes in the car, and they must not have watched that night either.]

Writer's Block: Welcome to the mobile decade

The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

The years of fears.

An internet quiz about Canada

From Test the Nation the CBC,


I got 36/50. (But my finger slipped on one, so I might have had 37.)



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